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We exist to preserve history as we know it from the attentions of future time travellers. Once a potential threat is identified our departments liase to assess the scale of that threat and its potential devastating consequences upon life as we currently know it. If the research indicates that proactive measures are necessary to maintain the status quo then the History Maintenance Commission initiates preventative remedies by initiating our Hologram Defence Programme.

Throughout this complex process, The History Maintenance Commission applies the highest standards of care to ensure that our own relationship with history in correcting the future meddling of our descendants isn’t compromised and we end up causing just as much damage through our deployment of restorative or preventative actions. We have quite literally been charged with saving the world and we accept that challenge with fortitude, care and humility.

Currently working on many cases including What would happen if Nelson missed the Battle of Trafalgar to attend a Disability Benefits Tribunal? and What if Jack the Ripper did a First-Aid course in the Fall of 1888?





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The work of the History Maintenance Commission and its published files went down well with everyone on board.

Captain Smith, RMS Titanic, 1912

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Thomas Beckett, 1170

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Neil Armstrong aboard Apollo 11, 1969

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Mark Twain, January 1st, 1886

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