MAGNA CARTA RUMOUR…King John To Get His Agent To Read It First Before He Agrees To Sign It.

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King John

We have been pondering that King John might be persuaded by those who tamper with past events, to think twice before signing The Magna Carta at Runnymead in 1215. The most popular theory being that the King will get his agent to go through the document with a fine toothcomb before agreeing to sign it.

The news would make waves on the International Stock Exchange as concerns would undoubtedly be expressed as to what impact the withdrawal of the rights established for individuals in The Magna Carta would have upon present day abilities and freedoms to trade. The subsequent fall in share prices would necessitate The History Maintenance Commission’s obligation¬† to issue a statement declaring our intention to investigate the matter as a matter of urgency.

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  1. Could Bristol City versus Cardiff City today be anymore exciting than chewing the cud with Terry Stevens in the Mangotsfield Clubhouse?

    Answers please on a postcard to ——–.

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