CAN NIGHTINGALE ESCAPE HOUDINI’S ACT Famed Magician Launched In Vital Mission

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Houdini will find Florence Nightingale a stiff challenge.

So what will Harry Houdini bring to the party:



Born (aka escaped from womb)

March 24, 1874 in Budapest


October 31, 1926 in Detroit

Arrived in USA on July 3, 1878 aged 4

Harry Houdini (real name Erik Weisz) initially became known as ‘The Handcuff King’ and he would challenge local police, wherever he was touring, to restrain him with their shackles and lock him in their jails. Inevitably, by the following morning he had freed himself.

His acts of escapology became increasingly daring as his career progressed including escaping from a straitjacket while dangling on a rope from a tall building and the Chinese Water Torture Cell in which he would hold his breath for three minutes shackled upside down by the ankles in a tank overflowing with water and emancipate himself.

He was the highest paid performer in Vaudeville and his daring, life-threatening challenges captured the mood of the time with its high octane pursuit of thrills.

In the 1920’s he started to debunk psychics and mediums, using his experience with magic to expose the many frauds played on an unsuspecting public desirous of making contact with the many loved ones who had perished as a result of the Great War and the Spanish Flu epidemic.

Bfore his untimely death from peritonitis in 1926, the consequence of being struck in the stomach at an unguarded moment by a student backstage,he told his wife Bess that if he was able to communicate after death he would and he would use a code word ‘Rosabelle Believe’ their favourite song. Stances were held on Halloween, the anniversary of his death, for the next ten years but to no avail. Harry Houdini was unable to escape the ultimate confinement.

Suggested Tactics

Houdini should use his escapology talents to greatly dishearten Florence Nightingale by freeing himself easily from the toughest of her wheel clamps. It would be necessary for him to do so without revealing that he has no physical presence in 1844, as even a hologram of Fatty Arbuckle would effortlessly slip his fetters. Thus Houdini will need to slip them as he would have done in person.


Supplied by bona fide customers who have hired the Houdini hologram.


I would give nowt if option available Pete, Cheshire, UK

Easily got out of the task I hired him for by not turning up at all. Then Professor Delphi showed he’s a dab hand too at this escapology lark as he got out of paying me a refund!!


Baffled Kate M. Indiana

I wanted Houdini to emerge from a huge cardboard birthday cake at my Aunt Deborah’s party back in 1965. But nothing emerged, all she found inside were some opened hologram handcuffs and hologram leg irons to show that he had been at one stage confined there.


Judas Walter Abrahams, Tulsa.

Hired Houdini to spring an ancestor from jail in India in 1810 for religious persecution. Yes he got him out of there. But went wrong when my ancestor explained that he had no possessions because he was a fakir. HOUDINI got angry and went to the authorities telling them she they could find my ancestor’s new hiding place. As he said that he’s committed to exposing frauds and fakers.


Arrogant Git Anon, Texas

Hired him so my Great Grandmother could get the wedding dress she desired back in 1938 from Macy’s Department Store. Basically the plan was he would help it disappear from display. Everything is ‘I am the greatest entertainer ever’ with him. That’s all my G Gmother heard until she just happened to mention that she was a medium (her goddam dress size). The Houdini hologram glared at her and said that he had lost all respect for her and wanted nothing more to do with someone he despised. So my G G Ma never got the dress she wanted and I picked up an enormous bill for using this arrogant swellhead.

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