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Richard III, the last King of England to die in battle in 1485, (not to be confused with Harold II who was the last King of England to die in Battle, Sussex in 1066).


‘An expert in the field of medieval history put a question to us. He said that if someone interfering with history had the presence of mind to read Richard III, in his previous guise as Richard Duke of Gloucester, a copy of Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol would he then be kind to his nephews?

Richard infamously, according to contemporary accounts, had his nephews murdered in The Tower of London. His nephews were Edward V, the new King of England aged 12, and his brother Richard Duke of York aged 9. With their disappearance their Uncle Richard usurped the throne. The case became known as The Princes in the Tower.

‘Of course, being a nice Uncle, one of the transformations Ebenezer Scrooge undergoes in the course of Dickens’ classic Christmas tale, usually involves not murdering your nephews. So if we discover that history changes massively due to this we will have to set our sights on a mission to persuade Richard to do away with them. Of course, there are varying degrees of civility. Richard could be affected by the message in the book to only a small degree. It might only make him slightly nicer. For instance, instead of having his nephews murdered in The Tower of London he might show some minor compassion by having them murdered at Legoland instead.

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