About Us

We exist to preserve history as we know it from the attentions of time travellers. Once a potential threat is identified its scale is quantified regarding the possible devastation it could cause to life as we currently live it. If the research indicates that proactive measures are needed to maintain the status quo then The History Maintenance Commission initiates preventative remedies.

Throughout this process, The History Maintenance Commission applies and adheres to rigorous standards to ensure that optimum care is displayed in our own relationship with the past in the correction of future meddling from our descendants so that we do not cause more problems through our justified intervention than the original problem we sought to rectify. We have been set the task of saving the world as we know it. We accept this challenge with fortitude, care and humility.

The History Maintenance Commission comprises of six departments that liase to form one almighty force. It is a constant battle that we wage as we can never relax for it only takes one slip or one overlooked or misunderstood snippet of evidence for there to be catastrophic consequences. We bring you here files from all six departments: The Observer Corps, Security, Research, Intelligence, Finances and Hologram Defence Programme to offer reassurance that our work is both necessary and executed diligently.


The work of The History Maintenance Commission and its files went down well with everyone on board.

Captain Smith RMS Titanic, 1912

I have recommended this blog to all my friends….Oh, look, here come four of them now.

Thomas Beckett, Canterbury, 1170.

Once I started reading these files I couldn’t put them down.

Neil Armstrong aboard Apollo 11, 1969.

The best and funniest thing I have read this year.

Mark Twain January 1st, 1886.

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