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Hotfoot on the news that Horatio Nelson now appears not to have been present at the Battle of Trafalgar comes worrying evidence that Jack The Ripper might well have undertaken a First-Aid course in the early Fall of 1888 possibly impacting on him to a degree that he no longer commits the atrocious slayings in Whitechapel which cements his infamy. This is a time of humble reflection for us here at the HMC for we hadn’t long endeavoured to allay your fears by stating that there had been no consequences of the mistakes made on our time-travelling adventures and wasn’t likely to be when suddenly two such historical figures are displaying worrying signs of drastically changing their paths in history possibly to the detriment of us all. It’s rather like we have tempted the gods to give us a punch on the nose for our hubris which is disappointing seeing that we have the Sibyl @ Delphi on our payroll.

The latest concern involves a press conference given yesterday by our Inspector Aberline hologram. Aberline was the chief detective charged with apprehending the Whitechapel fiend in 1888 and his press conferences usually involve displaying the latest letters received from Jack The Ripper and appealing to members of the public for them to study the writing and contact the police if they recognise it or know of anyone who composes letters mainly in red ink except for the bank manager dealing with the debts of Thames Ironworks FC.

However, at the most recent conference Aberline surprisingly doesn’t mention Jack The Ripper at all. Instead his time, he explained, was consumed with the nefarious activities of an altogether more unpleasant miscreant. In a period where the vast majority live in abject poverty, riddled with illness, suffering from the pangs of hunger while working hard all hours and where the humiliating circumstances of deprivation bring little to cheer but perhaps the prospect of death, an altogether sick individual was at work. A serial life-saver.

Aberline listed the depraved activities of this unknown monster between September and November of 1888:

SEPT 1st – Saved Debbie Vance after she was knocked down by a coach on Montague Street.

SEPT 30th – Saved Bill Tombs from The River Thames.

OCT 8th – Saved Henry Yallop from a nasty blow to the head with a brick in Casson Street.

OCT 22nd – Saved Tom Bull from suffocation while he was cleaning a chimney in George Street.

NOV 5th – Saved Milly Roberts after she fell in a fire in White Row.

NOV 12th – Saved £3 10/ 6d with The Cheltenham & Gloucester in Commercial Road.

The miscreant had further exacerbated these atrocities by going beyond just saving these unfortunates but in some cases giving them a general health check and also dishing out his own remedy for how to cure halitosis.

This latest development means another consultation with The Sibyl in the Temple @ Delphi to obtain her profound pronouncements on what this all means to us in the present day. Then, if necessary, we will do all in our power to remedy the situation.

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