The Marked Absent Series by Jonty Morgan

eBooks to be published in the series:

Boudicca Marked Absent**

Nelson Marked Absent

Shakespeare Marked Absent

Raleigh Marked Absent

Warwick The Kingmaker Marked Absent

Florence Nightingale Marked Absent

Brunel Marked Absent

Guy Fawkes Marked Absent

Dickens Marked Absent

Jack The Ripper Marked Absent

Mrs Pankhurst Marked Absent

Caxton Marked Absent

Alexander Graham Bell Marked Absent

George Stephenson Marked Absent

Captain Cook Marked Absent

Dr. Livingstone Marked Absent

Darwin Marked Absent

Newton Marked Absent

Cromwell Marked Absent

Wellington Marked Absent

Plus more to follow when these are complete including Napoleon, Caesar, etc.

**Denotes eBook currently available on Amazon. Look up Jonty Morgan in the Kindle Store.

What would life have been like without certain historical figures? Jonty Morgan lends this proposition a humorous slant as he endeavours to answer this question in this series of books. Would Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square, for instance, carry the burden of an outsize sculpture of the town of Nelson in Lancashire at its summit if there was no maritime hero of that name, plunging much of London into continual darkness with the consequence that the toll of Jack the Ripper victims would be much higher because he would then be able to put in a day shift?

Extracts from each book, as they become available or nearly available, can be accessed via the menu in the top right corner on this site.