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Here are the latest reviews from customers who have experienced Route 1066. All are verified purchasers of our time-travelling service.


Talked Shop or something like it with the great Bazalgette.

Jackpot Hawkins, Neath, Wales. Experienced our Meet Joseph Bazalgette in Deptford in 1864.

As an engineering student it has always been my dream to meet the man who gave London its sewage system and saved the capital from The Great Stink. To get the funds to buy my ticket I needed to engineer things at home and get Pater to release some of his assets, but boy was it worth it as even with a discount for using my Student Travel Card, it was still a hefty price. Route 1066 initially argued that the travel card shouldn’t apply because I wasn’t alive back in 1864, but eventually common sense prevailed and a compromise was reached.

Cannot say enough about the experience itself and it has helped my dissertation no end to be able to speak to the great man himself. Initially I was so overawed that I was talking gibberish, but Joe put me at my ease by telling me with a smile that lurked below his impressive bushy moustache that in his line of business he was used to people talking s##t.

Got him to sign a bog roll holder. That will always take pride of place in my home. Thank you Route 1066.

ROUTE 1066 Reply: Thank you, Jackpot, we are glad you enjoyed meeting Joseph Bazalgette. We know the cost of our unique service is very expensive but we hope it doesn’t prohibit those that aren’t extremely wealthy from availing themselves of our services. Finance packages are available and occasionally we provide experiences for a larger number of travellers that are cheaper per customer. Watch this space for just such an offer soon involving The Battle of Towton.


No Show

Yvonne of Slough who experienced Have A Ringside Seat to Watch The Magna Carta Being Signed.

It was something to be able to travel back to 1215. The sounds and smells will remain with me always, wish I had a better detergent but there we go. That’s why I have given it two out of five. But the rest was a washout. As the momentous occasion was completely ruined by someone in our party shouting out as King John was about to sign the Magna Carta ‘Wouldn’t it be a good idea to get your agent to look over it first!’ Whereupon, King J pondered for a while then upped and walked off without putting quil to paper. Refund required I rather think.

ROUTE 1066 Reply: Sorry to hear that Y of S, tis a pity the same person didn’t advise you to look at your contract with us before you signed it as it clearly states that we cannot be held responsible for any time-traveller derailing a significant moment in history by their unwarranted intervention. And that in such an instance no refunds will be given. However, out of the goodness of our hearts we can offer you a generous twenty percent discount on Route 1066 upcoming Witness The signing of the death warrant of King Charles I in 1649. That’s approximately the percentage he had lopped off too.


Bases Loaded!

Terry Medway, Los Angeles. Verified Experience of Watch Baseball at Comiskey Park, Chicago Sat Alongside Al Capone in 1929.

What an exhilarating experience. I kept having to pinch myself. I was sat next to the great Al Capone. The baseball took a back seat really, though it was a close game that seen the White Sox triumph over the Red Sox. But just knowing the guy next to me could have my legs broken or order me killed if the whim took him as easily as ordering a cheese burger.

Route 1066 were fabulous throughout the experience including post it when I told them that I thought I had made a mistake when I told Big Al that we could do with someone with his ruthless, uncompromising approach to business affairs to shake up the business I’m in, the cosmetics business. The notorious gangster asked me if there was money to be made there and I told him that it had made me a few million bucks. He looked real interested and I thought I might’ve done wrong. But in the post experience debrief, Karl at Route 1066 said that it was unlikely to change Capone and if he did alter course by entering the cosmetics business the worst that might happen is that he would produce a product called The St Valentine’s Day Mascara. I was told that at least I had avoided advising Al to get a better accountant.

A fantastic day all round, capped when Al called for a baseball bat from his adoring acolytes in the crowd and I thought he was going to smash my brains out but instead signed it and presented it to me. I will treasure it forever.

ROUTE 1066 Reply: We are glad you had such a great time, Terry. It’s nice to know that we picked a day for you when the boss of the Chicago hoodlums was in such a convivial mood. We have since discovered that cosmetics firms throughout Illinois were offered generous premiums with regard to protecting their assets in the days following your meeting at the ball game.

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