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Route 1066 are offering you the once in a lifetime chance to meet maritime hero Lord Nelson at The Bear Hotel, Havant on the evening of September 13th, 1805. The revered sea admiral’s last night in England before leaving to engage in the battle that was to define him at Trafalgar.

Hitherto Nelson was the stuff of history books and elevated statues, but now, thanks to our unique and exclusive time-travel procedure we are able to offer four of you the opportunity to share a tankard of ale with the greatest naval warlord of them all. The man who through tactical acumen and stirring rhetoric single-handedly saved Britain from invasion by the French during the Napoleonic wars.

Let Route 1066 put you at your ease.

You’ll have First-Class rail travel to Bristol, England and accommodation in one of the city’s five star hotels.

You’ll receive a full briefing provided by a qualified professor in the Napoleonic Wars on what to expect and how to conduct oneself in early 19th century England. We will also show you pictures of Nelson’s statue in Trafalgar Square so you will recognise him at The Bear Hotel (It will help if he is on the tallest barstool).

You will be escorted to the facility where the time travel will occur and provided with appropriate clothing and coinage from the period to which you will be conveyed. You will meet Horatio Nelson and have the opportunity to ask him questions and engage in general conversation on the eve of his embarkation towards Trafalgar.

You will also be primed as to how to conduct a conversation in Georgian England and to avoid pitfalls such as when ordering drinks asking the great man, ‘Would you like a half, Nelson?’

Once your encounter is at an end you will be safely escorted back into the present day.

To book your passage simply make enquiry at Route1066. Get in there quick, we anticipate high demand for this unique opportunity to meet that great sea lord. Four places available. Finance packages available on demand. Blue Badge discount scheme also available.

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