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Route 1066 is able to offer a unique opportunity for businesses to promote themselves by utilizing the space available for adverts on Hannibal’s famous elephants as they make the perilous and adventurous journey across the Alps taking the battle in the Second Punic War into the heart of the Roman Empire by terminating their epic walk on the outskirts of Rome itself in 218 BC.

We have teamed up with the great Carthaginian leader Hannibal to offer present day businesses with this momentus chance to promote your product in a classic environment. Hitherto, before the advent of Route1066 and our exclusive, patented ability to travel back in time, advertising was restricted to the likes of billboards, TV commercials and Illuminated signs in Times Square but all in the present day. But now for a sizeable donation the historic past is now available for promotional purposes.

Now is your opportunity to become associated with this momentus event in Ancient History by having your advert placed on the hide of one of the heroic African War elephants. You can book one of 37 of Hannibal’s elephants to act as a display board to promote your product. More details available from our New York City Administrative Headquarters upon request.

Here at Route 1066 we take our responsibilities to the smooth running of the past very seriously and therefore reserve the right to reject any proposal that we consider could impact on History and change its course. Therefore, we will not allow any adverts for life insurance that infers that residents of Pompeii in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius or those of Christian faith living in the vicinity of Roman amphitheatres will be barred from taking out premiums.

Similarly, Route1066 will also frown upon any attempts to advertise Fire Prevention Products upon the historic elephants as they cross the Alpine Range and encamp on the outskirts of Republican Rome, as this could have a knock on effect later in the Imperial Period when the Emperor Nero discovers his fiddle has now been made redundant due to the unprecedented amount of smoke alarms and fire extinguishers that have been installed in Rome’s homes.

Take Advantage of this Unique Opportunity. To book your advertising slot on an historic event is but a simple tusk with us: Route 1066.

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